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Martha's Vineyard is one of the most frequently windy locations on the planet!  Data proven our location to be one of the most valuable wind resources in the USA!  Frequently windy days and 360 degrees of flat water perfection is the what makes this region one of the best kiteboarding locations in the world.  Martha's Vineyard is the venue for the annual World Speed Sailing Competition, where the best kiters in the world compete to break the world speed record!  The wind blows year-round though the best time to visit is May thru October.  Generally, Spring sees a good mix of NE and SW winds, though any direction is possible.  In the summer, the predominate wind direction is from the SW, which is our "trade wind".  These thermal winds typically blow all day long and are accompanied by sunny skies and warm temps.  Fall can be the best time of year to visit!  The crowds have gone home, the water is still warm, and the wind can be relentless!  The fall season is very dynamic for weather.  September & October winds typically blow from the West, and veer NE with the approaching weather systems.  This is the time of year the locals get excited as everyday can be non-stop action!  


How to get here?

We operates on the island of Martha's Vineyard, off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We operate a custom charter kiteboat from Edgartown Harbor and access the surrounding world class kiting grounds of our region.  Come join us and experience wide open kiting with no crowds, clean water, and steady breeze!  Martha's Vineyard is an island and requires a boat or plane to get here.  There are frequent ferries from Woods Hole, Falmouth, & Hyannis.  Flights arrive from Boston & New York daily. 

Planning a day trip or coming for a vacation?  There are many options to get here.  Parking is available in Falmouth & Woods Hole and leaving your car on the other side is recommended if you are only coming for a short time.  Once here, a car can be useful but is not necessary. There is an excellent shuttle bus system (VTA), Taxi services, Bike Paths, and everything is relatively close by.  There are many Hotels, B&B's, Guest Houses, Private homes, Youth Hostel, & a Campground to suit the budget of every traveller.  Check out the MV Chamber of Commerce for a complete list of accommodations and services. 

The Steamship Authority ferry system offers frequent service to & from Woods Hole & New Bedford. 

The Island Queen passenger ferry operates between Falmouth & Oak Bluffs. 

The Patriot Boat operates passenger & freight service between Falmouth & Oak Bluffs.

The Pied Piper offers passenger service between Falmouth & Edgartown. 

The Hyline Ferry operates ferries to Oak Bluffs from Hyannis & Nantucket. 

Cape Air offers daily flights to & from Boston, Nantucket, Hyannis, & Providence.

Continental Airlines &USAir offers connecting flights worldwide.

Peter Pan Bus Lines offers service between Woods Hole and the Boston Logan & Providence Airports. 



Kite Spots

Where to kite...

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“Kbay” is the goto spot for everyday riding.  Works best during SW summer days.  Anything out of the West or East is ridable.  Perfect bay for shallow flat water sessions with consistent and clean wind.Cautions:  As of 2007, There is an opening in the barrier beach which creates a strong tidal current.  Be careful, know your limits!Watch out for the shallows when boosting!What’s Up:  The launch zone is on the barrier beach down-wind from the boat ramp area.  To get there:  Boat, 4x4 & Beach Permit, Walk, or Wade...  The access road is at “Left Fork”.  There is a marked off parking area that fits about 4 rigs, or park where you can.  Alternatively, Park at Left Fork Beach & walk.  Lastly, Park at the Boat ramp & wade across the channel.  Do Not Rig!, Launch!, or Ride! at the Public Boat Ramp!!!  We (Kiters) have been asked by Local Officials to avoid riding in the area by the boat ramp, boat channel, shellfish areas & signs, and away from people using those areas.  This has been hard to enforce over the years since discovering Kbay.  Use good rider etiquette and please help keep Kbay open to all kiters... 


"Left Fork" is good wave riding spot.  West winds are best for sideshore conditions. SW is side-on. South is dead on-shore and messy.  Sandy beach and shifting sand bars.  Beach is very steep and shorebreak can be detrimental to your kite.  Watch out for offshore winds! Next stop is Bermuda!Cautions: Strong Currents and Rip-Tides!!!What’s Up: Launch downwind of beach-goers.  South Beach is packed in the summer!  Avoid swimmers and riding near Life Guard Towers.  This isa good spot to ride with others as if something happens out there it is going to be an epic swim! 




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State Beach is a 3 mile stretch of Public beach which works well with most wind directions.  The beach gets very crowded during summer with beachgoers.  Depending on the wind direction, the launch areas change.  During SW winds the action is on the northern end of the beach near the jetty.  Flat water and gusty winds are the norm.  This is a popular windsurf spot, kiters should use caution as there is an offshore component to the wind.  Riders must know how to ride upwind or you may be headed to the Cape.  During NE winds, side-on conditions blow you towards the road.  Pre-requisite is to kite upwind.  The preferred launch area is at“Jaws Bridge”.  Good bump & jump conditions and uninterrupted wind off the ocean make this a popular riding spot.  Kiters use caution as there is an onshore component to the wind.  During NW winds, “Jaws Bridge” & “Bend in the Road” beach at the far south end of the beach are spots to ride a northwest “down-island”. 


”Sengy” is a long and narrow salt water lagoon which is opposite the road along State Beach.  Alluring and deceptively safe, the best launch areas depend on wind direction.  During NE winds, launch near “Jaws Bridge” at the small beach.  Do not park on the beach since rigging real estate is limited.  The wind is straight offshore producing glassy conditions and epic boosting as the wind travels over the road generating a significant up-draft.  Riders should be able to ride upwind or you will be blown across the bay and will need to be rescued.  The launch area is very confined and is full of local color.  During SW winds, the only recommended launch zone is at the “first bridge” at the north end of the beach.  Park in the lot and walk up to the point to the left (300 yards up wind) to launch your kite.  Stay up by the point and do not ride near the parking lot as the wind is onshore and some newbies have ended up on the road!  Gusty and dirty winds are the norm.  Popular windsurf area. 


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Cape Pogue Bay, Chappaquidick Island is a premier riding spot.  360 degrees of perfect flat water riding.  Wind is very consistent and clean.  Works in every wind direction.  SW winds tend to be 5-10 knots stronger then on the rest of the Vineyard.  The popular launch and riding area is near “the gut” which can become very crowded with boaters.  ***Update 2009: Rules set forth with the Trustees of Reservations: Launching and Landing permitted at the Gut area.   Do not leave your kite on the beach, it is very narrow and must remain accessible to the vehicles with permits.  Do not leave your gear or set up your kite in the 4x4 track!  The "Elbow" (NorthWest corner) is restricted from Kiting until the end of the bird nesting season (8/31/09)!   Riders must stay 200 yards off the beach beginning 200 yards south of the Windmill House along the beach to the "Elbow".   The bay is very large and riders can find there own piece of paradise, but the kiter community has agreed to follow new guidelines to keep access open. 

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“Squiby” is a popular surfing beach with epic down the line wave riding when conditions are right at the point.  E to NE & SSW winds are best.  NW winds are offshore.  Numerous rocks and submerged boulders riddle the break and beach.  Town Beach Sticker required 9am-5pm.  Walk out to the point to launch and know your limits! 


Aquinnah is a one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and can be very crowded with beach-goers in the summer.  Town Beach Sticker required 9am -5pm at Philben, but there is a Public parking lot & access closer to the cliffs.  South winds are best, SW winds are onshore, so you must be able to ride upwind to get off the beach.  Numerous submerged boulders and rocks litter the beach!  Strong rip tides and currents! This beach is mostly ridden by the “Up-Island” crew as a backyard location alternative. 


Only a few of the locals have ever ridden our most impressive wave riding locale.  Situated under the Gay Head Lighthouse, "Devil’s Bridge" is a shoal well known to desperate seamen shipwrecked here.  There is a very strong tidal current, which during the last few hours of the ebbing tide can produce monster size swells when the wind is SW 25-45 knots.  The combination of the racing current and gigantic submerged boulders jack up the sea to produce standing waves hundreds of yards long.  Add a ground swell into the mix and the set-up is for only the best of the experienced crew.  Unless you have carte blanche, the launch is from either Lobsterville Beach which requires a 3 mile upwinder.  Or from Philben Beach in which you must round “the head”.  This is an epic locale with stunning scenery where only those whom have rode and survived it can tell the tales... 


The best riding location "Up-island" for a user-friendly environment.  Lobsterville is a sandy beach that bends around a bay.  West and NW winds are best.  SW winds are ridable for those that can stay upwind as there is a an offshore component that can tempt a kitemare.  Menemsha Pond is a very safe bay that is shallow in some areas but winds tend to be gusty and dirty.  Launch from "Red Sand Beach".



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The Public Beach at Tashmoo is very small.  It has become popular with families with young children and space is very limited to rig.  SW winds are best and timing is essential as there is a strong tidal current.  The ebbing tide produces awesome rolling swells especially out at “Middle Grounds” (1 mile offshore).  Avoid riding alone here!  Popular advanced Windsurf spot. 




If you are considering a kiteboarding vacation to Martha's Vineyard and would like more information on our kite spots, places to stay, where to eat, or any local knowledge please give us a call or use this form to contact us.

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